Why Yash From Haryana Wants To Thank VHP Hindu Help Line Program

GHN | Updated: Sep 11, 2017, 17:55 IST



At around 9 pm Hindu help line volunteer from Dadar area, Mumbai received a call from Raj Kumar Bhardawaj that Yash, age 16, from Kurushetra area of Haryana is being held by Dadar based GRP police and was kept in a police station. Yash is a student of study cum boarding school Aacharya Gita Niketan, for some unknown reason he wandered out of school and landed in the custody of police (which tries to help lost or wandering youths in Mumbai in a goodwill gesture). On hearing this news , Mr. Shivram P. Rajak , India health line secretary, city jurisdiction went to the police station and met Yash and assured him of all help and built confidence in him. Other  volunteers from RSS were also present. Later, Yash’s mother and grandfather arrived and took him him. Today Yash is back home safely with his parents. His parents while taking him back thanked VHP India Health Line volunteers for taking time from their busy schedule and coordinating with Police and making sure their son returns home safely.


India Health Line and Hindu Help Line are two paradigm programs of VHP Leader Dr. Pravin Togadia which are helping Hindus across the nation. There are hundreds of such incidents when Hindu Help Line volunteers help is called for Vehicle breakdown in communal sensitive areas, get guidance in Jammu Kashmir, free health check ups and miscellaneous help requests, with dedicated call centers and routing mechanism of selfless volunteers, Hindu Help Line is gaining momentum in India. Dr. Pravin Togadia , a surgeon and an eminent Hindu intellectual has launched many vital programs that keeps Hindus motivated and confident in India and Overseas.


Source: VHP Konkan Media


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