​Brief Biographical History of Ashok Singhal

imageSri Ashokji Singhal (b. 1926 CE, Agra) – Patron of Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP/World Hindu Council) – is a leading social and cultural rejuvenator and consolidator of the national society of Bharat (India), one who, by virtue of his being an engineer and student of science from Banares Hindu University and coming from an illustrious family of engineers, administrators and followers of the Himalayan/Indic Tradition from Teertharaj Prayag, combines in his vision and mission the alacrity of the modern scientific temperament with the illumination of the holistic & altruistic Rishi-Krishi culture of Bharat.

VHP under his dynamic and inspiring leadership and through its 73,555 branches/units in Bharat, 20 overseas national chapters, 35,900+ service projects in the fields of education, health, self-reliance, self-employment, rural empowerment, Gram Shiksha Mandir (Rural Education Temples), Ved Vidyalayas, etc., and mass-awakening and mobilization programmes like the Ekaatmataa Yagna (Countrywide Unity Rally) in which over 100 million people participated, has been strengthening the grassroots level of the Hindu society.

He is fully convinced and strongly tries to convince leaders from different walks of life in Bharat that so far as the work for the country in terms of Suraksha (national security), Samriddhi (national prosperity) and Swaabhimaan (national self-esteem and Gross Domestic Happiness) is concerned, none should differentiate between people in terms of religion, creed, gender, caste, language, race, etc. It is the Vote Bank Politics which is responsible for the disunity and discrimination in Bharat. This could be remedied if the people follow the principles of Sanatan Dharma and holistically, altruistically and syncretically address all the troubles. He celebrates Maharshi Aurobindo’s view that “Sanatan Dharma is our nationhood”. “National Reconstruction” in his view is, therefore, the right Mantra. He laments that, unfortunately, instead of the Mantras of “Desh Nirman” and “Samaj Nirman”, “Vote Bank Politics” has now become the ‘core Mantra’ in the country.

He made the Sri Rama Janma Bhumi Ayodhya matter a catalyst for the said vision and mission of national reconstruction, core integrity and unity. He articulated it at their respective levels to the classes and the masses constituting the 1.25 billion people of Bharat. He caught the imagination of the people as his answers were unquestionable and sometimes his questions were unanswerable in the matter. The issue catalysed greater awakening, mobilization of manpower and time and socio-economic service activities with the effort to reach out to the 600-thousand villages of Bharat. It made people all the more motivated workers for national reconstruction in their own way. The D-7, viz., Desh (country), Dharma (Laws and Principles that uphold nature and life), Dev (Divinities), Devasthaanams (Places of Worship), Daya (Compassion), Daan (Charity) and Daman of Shadaripus, is the hallmark combination of his view of Ram Rajyam that motives his actions and that of his Sah-Yogisand millions of Karyakartas and like-minded people.

Sri Ashokji Singhal explores the wide realms of Hindu thought and action thorough consultations with the learned Sant-Mahatmas, scholars and also from a common man’s perspective of things and events and gives us a panacea to address the matters concerning the Hindu society in Bharat and the Hindu presence elsewhere and position the Hindu fraternity and its cultural commonwealth spread across many countries and continents as an invincible and holistically catalyzing force in a world with a 7 billion population where every 6th person is a Hindu. He bridges the gap between Hindu life and Rishi spirit, realizing that the highest Rishi spirit must be given currency so that every person tries to become a Saint-Scientist or a Scientist-Saint with the Rishi-goal to transform earthly existence and express through life the Divine Truth locked in matter.

As the leader of various movements and projects, he has been on a hectic and strenuous tour to all nooks and corners of Bharat and many parts of the world since the 1950s meeting people, addressing audiences, tackling the media, propagating the Hindu cause and winning friends and disarming critics.

It is a rare privilege and our great good fortune to have him with us, alas, only for a brief duration, which is too short for us but too long for him since he has so many calls and pressures on his valuable time.

It is a rare opportunity to hear him. Every word he has to say is meaningful, significant and an enrichment for us all. The pseudo-secularists find his questions on the subject of ‘national reconstruction’ unanswerable and his answers unquestionable.

Source: Global Hindu News (GHN)

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