Narain Kataria, A Great American Hindu Hero Passes Away

Narain Kataria

Narain Kataria who fought for India, justice for Hindus is no more. Current information is he passed away during his sleep last night in New York.

Even to the last minute Narain Kataria was fighting for justice for Hindus. He gave interview at ITV on the reports of intolerance in media is one sided with no report when Hindus were killed the day before and went home at 9:30 PM.

He was the president of Indian American Intellectual Forum and has written hundreds of blogs, press releases and some books etc. focused on educating Hindus on Muslim extremism and Hindu human rights violations. He has hosted several prominent dignitaries in US and was one of the rare and bravest American Hindu history has ever seen. Via. his press releases, communications, thousands of Hindus across the globe got educated and aware of social and political atrocities they face.

It is not what he did as much as how he did, treating everyone with respect, with sensitivity and hurting no ones feelings and completely honest in his interactions. He is one human being we can all be proud of. With deep sadness I say, I and my family will miss him.

The latest news I have is his cremation ceremony will in NYC on Saturday Oct 7th.

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