American Hindus Support Israel



Speech delivered by Satya Dosapati at the Rally

“My name is Satya Dosapati, I represent Hindu Human Rights Watch and host of other Organizations including Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam which we founded with representatives from different religions, Hindus, Jewish, Christians, Sikhs and moderate Muslims. We have held several events in NY area together with Jewish community in New York.  I appreciate Lawrencville Synagogue members and Michael Feldstein inviting us to speak at this event.

Hindus and Jews have a common bond.  We are the oldest civilizations and we are throughout history targeted and persecuted.  However, we have not chosen others as targets.  I am proud to say that one of the first things Israel Parliament did when Israel was formed is to acknowledge that Hindus and India are the only people and country that never persecuted Jewish people.   It is unfortunate that at this day and age we have people abiding to some book and target others based on religion. World need to come together and stop this madness.  I was watching news last night and heard that 30,000 tons of concrete meant to be used for schools, hospitals was used to build tunnels by Hamas.   On one side you see a country that is doing best to protect its people, doing what is needed for their people to thrive, on the other hand you see people spending energy destroying others as well as their own people.   It is sad to see the images of deaths but Israel has a right to defend itself.   What if the rockets made it to people of Israel?  Should they allow this to continue?  World leaders need to come together and bring this issue to a resolution. I sincerely pray and hope that Jewish people and Israel not only come out of this current situation, but for millennia and ages to thrive and prosper.   Thank you.”

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